Presented here is a brief overview of the hiring process. The full and thorough document is available here.

The Hiring Process

We value an open, transparent and merit-based hiring process and consider this essential for the success of the whole project.

The hiring workflow is following:

Stage 1: Advertising the ERA Chair position. The work ad is disseminated through multiple channels, including professional networks in conferences, photonics communities, web sites (, euraxess, Nature Jobs, ResearchGate) and in social media.
Stage 2: Processing the applications by the Project Management Team: reviewing the applications to check whether all required application documents are included and determining whether the qualifications meet the requirements for the position. All the applications will be registered in the Document Management Data System of UTartu. The requirements for the position are listed in the Eligibility Criteria below.

ERA Chair positions are designated (by EC) for an Established Researcher (R3) or Leading Researcher (R4). The criteria for the selection of the candidate will be based on the fulfilment of those requirements. 

Stage 3: Applications that meet the eligibility criteria are forwarded to the Executive Board (EB) members who will select candidates for the web-based interviews.

Stage 4:
 Based on the selection of the EB members, web interviews (stage 1 interview, see below), are carried out by the Project Management Team.

Stage 5: Shortlisted candidates, who during the 1st stage interview reflected high potential for the position, will be asked for a second round of interviews (see below) for the final assessment with members of the EB. Preferably the interview will be held in Tartu, Estonia (EU), which gives the candidate a good opportunity to get acquainted with the academic environment in advance.

From our experience in hiring top level experts we have chosen to rely on performance based hiring methodology. This means that in addition to looking at the candidate's track record, we seek also for motivation, vision and capability to fulfill all the tasks listed in the Grant Agreement. We seek a candidate for whom the position offers a worthy career move and aim towards overlap in the candidates goals and those of the project and UTartu in general.

From the project deliverables (see Annex 1) we derive the most crucial performance indicators and based on those, the questions for interviews are formulated. We have standardized all interviews and have 7 criteria to be assessed in stage 1 interviews (see below) and 15 two-fold questions 3/15 The hiring process of CIPHR ERA Chair holder sorted into 4 categories (academic capacity, collaboration with industry, teaching and management) for stage 2 interviews.